Bcc: "I care about you"

What do you feel when you receive a bcc email from someone saying how much she cares about you?
Receiving a bcc email means that, the person who sends it, is taking taking the time to do it manually. And since you’re taking the effort at least send me a personal email. (Even if that just means the same message without a bcc.)
I think automating too early is a mistake (well, semi-automating). Okay, you can use Mailchimp and send “personalized” emails. But why sending multiple emails through bcc recipients (a.k.a. people)?
How much time are you going to save? I don’t think it’s worth it with the opportunity cost of engaging with someone and say you care about her (and mean it.)
I believe today is more important than ever to show your human face and try to engage with people at a deeper level.