Today is a special day

In a Tim Ferriss Show’s podcast, Seth Godin answered some questions related with education, marketing and many more things, but one of them of them particularly got my attention. The question was: “What’s the one thing that most marketers do wrong? ” As always Seth had a fantastic answer:

This is easy: we’re selfish. We’re narcissists. Infantile narcissists who believe that our need for more, and our desire for attention trumps everything else. We justify and rationalize our work and interrupt people, spam people, yell at people, deceive people and play the short-term game again and again and again. Successful marketers are successful because they don’t do that, and it turns out that that’s scarce. The folks who are willing to build a story that’s true, to earn permission, to create a product or service that spreads merely because it’s remarkable… that mindset almost never shows up.

I love it.
And I think today makes more sense than ever.
Considering this, a few months ago I started to write a book with a group of marketers about how brands should collaborate with YouTubers, because it seems that YouTube is filled with marketers doing what most marketers do wrong.
If you’re familiar with this blog you’ll now that I’m working on another site called Tarsye. We’re a small group of marketers fighting against the TV-Industrial Complex corrupting the Internet. We’re trying to save YouTube for being the next TV.
And today is a special day.
Today I’ve launched my first book. And I’m giving it away for free… I’ll tell you why.
In order to make change happen on YouTube, the first step is to make brands (because they’re the ones putting the money) understand some basics principles and help them to make successful collaborations with YouTubers. By that I mean, as Seth Godin said in that podcast, earning people’s permission and making remarkable products.
The reason why I’m giving it away for free is because these ideas are urgent. The ideas that every collaborator of the book has shared are bigger than ourselves. So the objective is to spread these ideas to as many people as we can.
You can download the pdf version here (also epub and mobi files).
And for those of you who want to get a paperback copy, you can get them here. (All the benefits will be donated to
Coming back to the question Seth Godin was asked, we can turn it around and ask ourselves, what’s the one thing marketers could do better? I think all they have to do is change their mindset—the mindset of choosing the right path and avoid the short-term game.
You can always choose the right path.
[PS. Whether or not you’re into YouTube, I think you can get a lot of takeaways from the book. Just take a look, it’ll be worth it, I promise.]