Bad luck on economy class

Right now I’m in the middle of my flight, and as it usually happens in economy class the seat you get is potentially a pain in the butt… because you never know who’s gonna be in front of you.
Sometimes you’re lucky and you’re right next to a gate, so you don’t have anybody in front of you. But there are times you get a selfish person in front of you. And that’s my situation right now.
I’m 1’85m tall so if someone decides to pull the seat back, for me it’s a problem. It seems that there’s an untold code to not pull your seat back on a plane if there’s someone behind you, but some people decide to ignore it.
Right now I have a guy who is pulling his seat back, and he’s still trying to pull it to the limit because he’s never gonna be as comfortable as he wishes.
What happens here is: (1) hopefully he’s unaware that he’s just bothering the guy behind him or (2) he does it while he’s full aware of it.
Either way people gets tired of this behavior…
Does this sound familiar to you?
I think advertising feels the same way. Companies try to pull their seats back interrupting people, and it doesn’t matter if people are bothered or not, because it’s all about them–it’s never about you.