How to launch an innovative product

First off, you need to start with a problem. You don’t have to create a need when there are so many wants and needs unfulfilled. Start with a real problem–with an existent need or want.
Second, you need to sketch your solution quick in paper. A quick dirty sketch without details, where you cover the most important pressure points of the problem. Sketch it fast, on instinct.
Third, you create a quick prototype. You just work on the most basic stuff, leave details out. What you want here is to put your product out there, in the wild. Then you get to know if your product actually solves a problem.
Finally, if you get to this point with a successful product, you get to keep going, improving it. If not, you go back to point 1 (or 2).
Of course this is just for soft innovations. Some innovations require months of development. But you don’t have to play that game.