The one habit that changed my life

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a mentor of mine about how to take Paperkup to the next level. Since I know ideas need time to be baked, before I judged any of the ideas he told me, I wrote them down and listened very carefully about he said. Guess what? That’s paid off and it’s got me one step ahead.
What’s the key? I listened like I was wrong. But not only that, when I analyze anything I assume I’m wrong. And that’s how you stretch yourself.
Several years ago I would’ve listened criticizing those ideas in my mind. In other words, I would react, not respond. And that’s something that can destroy you. You miss ideas, you miss great people, and you miss opportunities.
Over time I’ve developed the skill of carefully listen and try to figure out what the person is actually trying to say. Maybe not with words, but the thinking behind those words. And that’s hard. It needs practice.
Nonetheless, I promise you, it’s a skill that pays off. Every time.
Now thanks to that, I’m able to catch ideas otherwise I’d miss. It doesn’t matter the time it takes you to catch them up—what’s important is to actually do it.