The feeling stupid feeling

People don’t like to feel stupid when they buy something. That’s not the way they want to feel when they hear your story.

What most companies say in their pitches when they want you to switch to their services is basically: these competitors don’t know what they’re doing, come with us and try our products. 

Well, we can discuss whether that’s a good argument or not, but that makes people feel stupid. Because if they’re using something from people that don’t know what they’re doing that means they have to admit they were wrong, and that’s a powerful lock in.

The lock in effect most of the times is emotional, because people don’t like to admit they are wrong. 

So your job is to make it so easy and smooth that people would choose your product without hesitation  Alas with that emotional burden sometimes it’s impossible to make them switch. Then you should move on.

Two takeaways here: (1) don’t make people feel stupid and (2) if the emotional burden is big, move on.