Travelers and tourists

When I was traveling around Asia I remember that sometimes I join a tour to visit some touristic areas… and it was a bad idea.
Usually that’s a bad idea because: (1) you’ve got to follow an order—and the people from the group—and (2) they always have scheduled stops for tourist where they want you to buy their stuff.
An interesting aside note: when I was in Vietnam (I think it was in Halong Bay) one of those stops was funny… they had their products with two prices: on one side with the local currency, and on the other on dollars—interestingly the price on dollar was like 2000% higher.
Anyway, in one of those tours I decided that I would go by my own and I’d rent a taxi to come back. As a result, it was one of my best experiences. The thing was that I wasn’t a tourist, I was a traveler. Tourists just want to visit the most famous places, check that box on their list and get drunk on a beach. As a traveler, you’re there because you want to explore and see things tourists don’t get to see.

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” —G.K. Chesterton

Where am I going with this?
When you start a business you don’t have to do the same as everybody else. You don’t need a fancy location. You don’t need an X amount of clients… You get to decide what it is what you want. Just like the traveler.
Just because everybody goes to the same places doesn’t mean you have to be.
As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you’re signing up for a journey. And if you don’t like to follow a tourist group to stop by every famous place and have margaritas, don’t join.
Smart entrepreneurs adjusts their course depending on the situation. And most important, because it’s what they want.
PS I’m moving to Santiago (Chile) in a few weeks, not as a traveler but to live there.! If you happen to live there email me at I’d love to hear from you!