I'm moving to Chile

It seems that every six months I make a big change in my life. And that’s the exact period of time I can control to plan things… Six months.

So I want to share with you, my lovely readers, what I’m up to for these six months–even though circumstances might change things.

My main objective is to turn Tarsye into a profitable company, and that’s one of the reasons I’m deciding to move to Chile and try things there. (At least for six months).

That’ll imply some challenges, but the main idea is to create a web app to help brands, agencies and influencers to communicate each other.

Another challenge I have is to level up in programming and build the web app by myself. I know, I always advice against of doing all the things by yourself but I need to learn how to make a web app for two reasons: (1) I count with limited resources and can’t afford to pay for it, and (2) it looks fun, so I’ll try at least

I think this idea of sharing your plans every six months is a good way to keep track of your work and make a public commitment. Despite the fact that plans change–they always do–making promises in public is fantastic to push your butt and do the work. And the key here is willing to be wrong. I’m not afraid of admitting that I’m wrong. If the plan does turn out like I’m sharing it with you now, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know too. 

Stay tuned!