This is post 500, thank you.

Almost two years ago I started this blog, and today I’d like to end the year showing my gratitude for two reasons: it’s the last day of 2017 and this is post 500.
Having a blog is powerful. You can spread ideas basically for free and it gives you the sort of leverage that would have been impossible decades ago. But most important, it gives you the opportunity to make impact with your work.
When you start blogging you basically do it selfishly–you focus on yourself. However, after a few hundred posts you realize that one of the goals of blogging is to be useful to others.
Once you realize that’s the goal, you start focusing on your readers, finding ways to make change happen. You do it for them.
It’s a gift you put into the world.
Knowing that this blog has helped people, is one of the most rewarding things…
Thank you for being there, I couldn’t do it without you.