Tesla and other leaders thrive by going all the way in

Imagine what would’ve happened if Tesla decided early on to not just manufacture electric vehicles, but also gasoline cars? There’s no way they’d succeed the way they’ve done it. People wouldn’t take them seriously. However, Tesla goes all the way in.
This is what Elon Musk said 10 years ago about the Secret Tesla Master Plan:

“The overarching purpose of Tesla Motors (and the reason I am funding the company) is to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy, which I believe to be the primary, but not exclusive, sustainable solution.”

That’s a clear statement where they declared they were willing to go all the way in. Did it payoff? You betcha. It would have never happened if they sold gasoline cars.
Companies that disrupt the status quo go all the way in. They pick an edge, go all the way through, and thrive.
You can’t go half way. People won’t back you up. If you go half way what would likely happen is that competition will make you suffer.
If you’re gonna do it, do it all the way.
Believe in it and be willing to bleed blood for it.
That’s how Tesla does it. That was how Apple did it. And that’s the only way you can actually disrupt an industry (and thrive.)