It's been done before… So what?

Do you think you don’t want to start a business because somebody has done it before?
That’s not usually a problem. Sure, you better study what happened to that failure, but I bet you can make it work–at least almost always.
There are different ways. For example, let’s say you want to open a platform for jobs. There are hundreds out there, right?
It’s clearly an existing market, with a lot of competition. So, can you do something about it?
Of course. You can flip the omelette and work your way up.
You do that by finding which are the standard thoughts within the industry and find the opposite ones.
Continuing with the example of a job platform: Most of them focus on employers, because they are the ones paying. But how about putting job seekers first. Not BS here, putting them for real.
Yeah, they are not the ones paying you, but if you let them know that you care, really care about them, and seek everything in their best interest, there you have your idea. That’s a good starting point, then you get to search your business model and turn it into a profitable company.
You can pick any industry you want. There’s always a way to flip the omelette.
So next time you find yourself hesitating whether an idea is worth it just because it’s been done before, remember that there are edges close to infinity. You’ve just got to find one t and build your idea from there.