I'm moving again, now to Lima, Peru

Three months ago I landed on Santiago, Chile. It might appear to be a really short period of time but a lot has changed. And now it’s Peru’s time.
Unless you keep track of what you do and, from time to time, look back to see all the changes you’ve been through, you’d be amazed. Anyway, the point of this post is not to overwhelm you with my life, but to give you a couple things I’ve learned along the way that might be of help.
In these three months a lot has changed for me, and I noticed two things that are critical to make change happen.
First, having a destination (not a place, but a mission or purpose) is often overlooked, but critical. For example, when you pick a flight, you’ve got a clear idea of where you are and where you want to go. That’s a given. And even though a storm comes to you, the pilot of the plane just adjust the course and keep moving toward the destination. The pilot doesn’t decide to land back, just takes another route and eventually you’ll get there.
Lesson #1: Having a destination is critical. If something gets in the middle, you just adjust your course.
The other thing I’ve learned is that past decisions should never rule what you do. For me, it turned out that Chile wasn’t my best option for this concrete period of time. So no problem, I move again and try.
Lesson #2: try and fail, but never let past decisions rule your future.
Bonus: have fun. I have fun while traveling. Yes, most of my days I just work, but when I want to disconnect I can get out of my apartment and visit new places.
Since I don’t have to be in a concrete location (yet), and have to pay a rent in either case, why not just travel a bit?
Despite the fact that most of your work happens online, I still believe that location matters. At some point I’ll choose a location for a few years (or at least that’s what I think right now). But until I know my location, I’ll keep moving and having fun.
Maybe you’re not into traveling, but you can find a way to have fun while you do your work.
See you in Lima.