It's a problem when it's a problem

It’s kind of embarrassing (now in hindsight) to tell this personal story but here we go:
A few years ago I wanted to start a company, making an online private outlet for car parts. So what I did was to start thinking BIG. I didn’t have any programming skills and still thought setting up a server in AWS (Amazon Web Services) was a good idea–hint: it wasn’t, too complicated even for a experienced programmer. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it worked, because some day I’d day a powerful badass server to handle millions of requests per second…
Not only that, I also spent a ridiculous amount of time setting up my own email automation site. This part was painful. And the funny thing was that I didn’t get it right… It was stupid.
How would have done it today? Start calling companies to get parts with discounts, call some friends and start selling car parts, all of it while starting a free mailchimp account. That would be it. Profitable from day one. I wouldn’t spend a penny on technology.
If you get a takeaway from this post is this: do not solve problems too way in advance. It’s a problem when it’s a problem. I think that more startups fail because they can’t be profitable early on, than they do because they can’t scale fast enough.
So get to market fast. Solve future problems in the future.