What's possible?

Does this sound familiar to you?: You get started, you don’t really see a path or pattern to make things happen, however. Eventually, one thing takes you to another one, and on each step you learn something new that allows you to level up.
It’s all about what you think it’s possible. At the beginning you might not see what’s actually possible, but along the way you discover that there are more possibilities than you thought. And the way you increase your options is through a learning process, and here’s where it gets interesting.
If whatever it is you learn is related with what you do, you multiply slightly your success—it’s a drip by drip strategy (and it’s a great one). However, the broader it is your repertoire of knowledge… the better. What happens is that when you learn something completely different to what you do, let’s say programming (or marketing if you’re a programmer), that multiplies exponentially your success. And that’s where you get to rethink again your answer to the question What’s possible?
You don’t actively answer that question, but without being aware, every time you dive deep into something, the repertoire of what’s possible gets bigger and bigger.
I don’t want you to miss the takeaway here. It’s not only about increasing your options of what’s possible, but also to think in advance, and get a thoughtful answer to that questions, including what will be possible in the future. Then you get the benefits early on, even though you might not have a precise answer yet.
(It also helps to not be the expert.)