Where is the hockey puck?

In any sport that uses an external thing—whether is hockey, soccer, basketball or any other—a player, if she’s any good, never goes where the ball or puck is at the moment, but where it will be.
It seems obvious, right? If you decide to go where the ball is right now, by the time you get there it will be long gone. So what you do is to analyze the situation, and try to predict where the ball will go, then you head towards that point.
Even though in sports might seem obvious in business people miss this all the time. To go even further, there are some cases where the ball has been for so long at one spot, and people still run there. Those are the most dangerous spots to go.
Here there are two critical questions you should answer before you move: (1) Where is the ball right now? and (2) Where is the ball going?
But most importantly, remember that the longer the ball is stuck, the bigger the penalty for getting late.