Start small, think big

Have you ever regretted aiming too high? Probably not. Usually it’s quite the opposite. Aiming high and doing something bold is almost always a way of not regretting things, but there’s a little caveat:
You’ve got to thing big, but start small.
Think at scale, but start changing just one person. Then, grow it from there.
Every bold movement starts just by changing one person—the first follower. Thus, if your solution to the problem you seek to get solved is good, it would scale exponentially.
The idea to think big is not to have linear steps, but exponential ones.
Linear thinking means that if you walk 30 steps, you’d be end up just across the street. On the other hand, if you make 30 exponential steps, you’d give a couple or three times the distance around the globe.
Yes, start small, but think big.
Go make something bold.