The thing that gets you to the thing

Some people call it your purpose, others your why. That’s the final thing—why you do what you do.
Along the way there will be temptations, external and internal influences trying to steer your boat and change your destination. But just like a pilot adjust course when meteorological facts get in the way, but keeps the same destination. In your journey the route might change, but your destination remains the same.
The route is the thing. The destination is the final thing.
Let’s say a company’s purpose is to connect people and improve human relationships. In order to do that they use technology to connect more people—which apparently helps to fulfill the main purpose. However, that technology is so addictive that leads to depression and harm human relationships, due to the fact that people when meeting in person can’t avoid using their phone—even though it shows a lack of respect to the other person
You see? Technology is just the route, not the final destination. Social networks and messaging apps might be helpful when used properly (they are), but when it damages the main purpose it’s time to rethink the route.
The real thing is to believe—truly believe—in why you do what you do. Then make it clear for everybody and let it define the best route to get to your destination.
Why do you what you do?
What’s your final thing? Define it and focus solely on that. Technology is just there to help you elevate your game. To be more efficient. But it’s not the goal, is it?