How bodybuilders get in shape

Today is my Blog’s Birthday. It’s been two years of blogging, more than 600 posts published and lots and lots of lessons (for myself.)
After a few months I became fascinating with “the quantity lesson” behind this study, where they proved that quality comes after quantity in a pottery class. The conclusion is that most of the things you do will be average — maybe even below average, but a few of them will be remarkable. And that’s why I write every single day.
The thing is that you don’t know where the lottery tickets are — but if you ship on a regular basis, sooner or later they will show up. They always do.
There’s another caveat though. Consistency is critical. While talking about quantity, consistency seems like an obvious thing, in reality is one of the keys behind remarkable work.
Consider bodybuilding. Quantity is the number of days a professional bodybuilder goes to the gym. Hence, consistency is training every single day (well, maybe leaving one or two days to rest.) If a bodybuilder wants quality (the desired shape) then that person has to put in thousands of hours. It can’t happen in a week. Plus, the work has to be done on a regular basis, you can’t train one day a week and get those results.
The lesson here is simple. No matter how far it seems the thing you want to achieve. If you put quantity and consistency into it, there’s no doubt that drip by drip you’ll get closer to quality.
Happy Birthday, Blog.