Why Minority Report seemed scary but today it doesn't

If you look back twenty years ago, people would have a hard time predicting most of the technological changes we’ve experienced in the last decade. In fact, back then if you were told how advanced we’d be in technology and the changes that came with the Internet, you’d probably be amazed by the speed of those changes.
Well, the thing is that by the standards of a couple of decades ago, we’re cyborgs already. Think about the things we can do with our phones or computers, back then people would’ve described cyborgs as individuals or machines with the abilities we have today. But, today people don’t realize it. Yes, they know that technology has evolved, but they don’t stop to think what has changed and how they’ve got to this situation.
Actually, if you ask your old self to adopt instantaneously all the technologies you have today, you’d asked yourself some important questions we’ve missed along the way. Especially privacy issues.
Consider Minority Report, the movie. In its release 16 years ago people imagined a future where there were no privacy. It looked scary. At least by those standards. But today we’re going towards that scenario, and people seem okay with it… Why is that?
What happens is that these changes have been gradual and smooth. We’ve adopted these changes not all at once, but one little change after another. And that’s how you get the population to adopt change, good or bad.
Change doesn’t happen overnight, it needs time to be baked until people decide to embrace it. Whether that change is good or not is another whole different story though. We need to be careful here.