The stupidest mistake I've ever made

What I’m about to tell you is the most stupid thing I’ve ever done—at least up to this point. This is so important that may sound obvious. Obvious things nonetheless are the most dangerous ones.
My biggest mistake have been doing something I wasn’t passionate about.
Before you judge me, let’s put some context here.
“Be passionate about what you do” have been said too many times that it can be considered a cliqué. However, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
There’s so much BS when it comes to “be passionate”. Too often people confuse lack of passion with “doing the work”. Darren Hardy is his book The Entrepreneur’s Roller Coaster  this clearly:

“Work is gonna suck 95% of the time. But that other 5% is freaking awesome!”

So the thing here is: How do you cut through the BS and excuses of not doing the work and feel the real spark?
Again Darren Hardy says:

“Passion is like electricity in a light switch. It’s always there.”

So how do you get to find that switch in the first place?
Well, that might be different for everybody, but I can tell you my experience and how I screwed it up.
First off, I screwed everything up before I even started by starting with the wrong thread–which was sticking to an industry I didn’t like nor care. Nevertheless, along the way there were some clues that were telling me I was off-track.
The opposite of love is hate, right? So when you don’t know what you love, what you’re passionate about, start with the things you hate.
That’s an easy one and quickly the thing you love eventually will pop out.
In my case I hate the lack of privacy big companies offer us, how they collect data and put us on a treadmill to keep us busy while they bombard us with ads. I hate the centralization of power big companies have. And so on and so forth.
I’ve been talking about this for a long time, to the extreme that some people found annoying my rage (I can feel it right now while I type this). And that’s the point.
What’s the opposite of that? The things I love:

  1. Privacy and the right to know where and how companies use my data.
  2. Adblocks. I love when there are no ads, except for the ones I look forward to find (what Seth Godin coined as Permission Marketing.)
  3. Decentralization.

My biggest mistake was sticking to an industry I didn’t like and wasn’t gonna help me to make the change I seek. Seizing an opportunity is overrated. Doing something meaningful, that 5% where you feel passionate, that’s the real “seize up”