Progress matters (and the ability to prove it)

In order to keep track of my ideas I mainly use Evernote. Since I started this blog I opened a folder where I gather my ideas–hundreds of them. Some are just quick thoughts, some are entire posts I haven’t published. And being able to look back for a year or two and analyze your thinking at the moment gives you an interesting perspective of your path.
From time to time I like to open Evernote and go through a bunch of ideas, see which ones stand still and which ones are deadly wrong. Eventually I’ll tweak the good ones, the so-so ideas would go to the trash and, most important, I always keep the bad ones. Meaning the ones now I was deadly wrong. Those ones are proof of how my thinking’s change over time.
In other words, how I progress.
And that I believe is a fundamental exercise to help you understand how your thinking evolves: What you once believed, what you believe now, and what made you change your mind.
Maybe you don’t have a blog or idea-book where you can keep track of your ideas, but whenever you can disagree with your former self, that’s when you can see your progress. Thus you can either prove your new thoughts or corroborate them. In any way, what you should seek here is to know why you believe what you believe.
Some ideas will remain, but lots of them will change… Seek disagreement. Even if it’s just to prove the value of your ideas, that way you’ll be able to find the fundamentals of your beliefs, and push your ideas to the edge.