Suitable for all publics

Have you ever noticed the thing about movies suitable for all publics?
I’m not talking about demographic classifications, but psychographics. Movies that gather people with one kind of interest in particular are the remarkable ones.
Consider big blockbusters like Fast and Furious (at least it was at the beginning.) Back in 2001 the first movie was a huge hit. It was made for petrolheads–the real ones, insiders. As the saga became more popular, it became too average. Each new movie was made to make the masses happy. And you know what? When a movie is done for the masses, turns out that is not remarkable anymore–it can’t please everybody.
Movies are best when they’re made for an specific audience. When they’re done for the masses they are average–in other words mediocre. Those are the ones when you go out of the movies you said to yourself and companions: we should’ve watched it at home (if watched at all).
These movies for the masses end up making millions of dollars in profit, but they kill the product: Fast & Furious, Transformers, and many more sagas end up for the masses.
You can take some many lessons from Hollywood. And if all you want is to make a hit and get rich, aim for the masses. Success is not guaranteed though, it’s a lottery ticket. If on the other hand, what you want is to build a remarkable product and please a particular audience, then make it for them.