Questions worth answering (save yourself some pain)

What’s the change you’re trying to make? Why you and not others?
What is it for? Who is it for?
Do they know you? Do they know you exist?
Do they trust you?
Have they ever spent cash money on something like this before? If so, why would they do so this time?
Are you trying to connect two kinds of people? If so, what’s the value they get from meeting each other?
Who are the connectors in that industry? Those are the ones who would not only buy your product, but spread it and influence other buyers.
What kind of stoppers will you have to face?
How can you get some leverage?
To which medium are you connecting your idea to make it travel faster?
Where does money come from? Can you make $1 from day one while aiming at a long-term moonshot?
What’s the smallest thing you can do today to move this forward?