The Marvel Universe and the long term payoff

Lots of people want to have a massive audience of true believers overnight, but it takes a long slog and commitment before you can get to that point, and Marvel is the perfect example for that.
A couple of weeks ago the latest marvel movie was released: Avengers: Infinity War. A movie that has reached $1 billion faster than any other movie in history and it might seem like a typical success, but it’s far from that. As their creators saidĀ this movie is the culmination of 10 years of work. It combinesĀ 18 films made over a span of 10 years. That’s the slog — 10 years of releasing movies and make the audience eager to get to follow the story.
Back in 2007 Marvel released Iron Man, which was a success, but a few years after they released Iron Man 2 and critics weren’t good. But, drip by drip, Marvel have crafted their story with lots of movies working on a shared story, contributing to spread that engagement. In the end, the story persisted and overtime (not overnight) people are really into the Marvel Universe. There’s enrollment.
There are two main lessons I don’t want you to miss here: The first one (1), this is proof that persistence and working on things for a long time, payoff. But even more important (2) is that it takes years to truly engage an audience with a story — it’s over the years when the true believers start to show up. Even though there has always been Marvel true believers, today this thing is on a whole new level.