“Defeating Mr. Mole” is ready to read and share

“How can I find my purpose?”
People ask me that question all the time. But I think we’ve got it wrong all the time. I believe we should ourselves: “Who am I? Am I a product of my own beliefs or a product of society?” (Click on the link for the pdf, or download epub or mobi files.)
Yesterday I published a book called Defeating Mr. Mole: Overcome Your Default Belief System and Take over Control, totally free to read, share and print. (But if you want to support my work, consider buying a paperback copy.)
This book took a lot of work to get done. It started with a different idea but as I was digging in, the problem is worse than I thought.
The purpose of this book is to start a conversation about how harmful belief systems are, and how vulnerable we are with our own thoughts and decisions that control our lives.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a purpose or just want to live a fulfilling life. The first step is to find your true self, and dig deep to find your own flaws as a human being, so you can detoxify yourself from the beliefs and values that were given to you.
I believe we’re going to face some big challenging questions in the future, and the only way to answer them is to get rid of our belief systems.
If you’re interested in the topic, and I hope you are, please share the book page, download the files, email them to people who need to read it, buy a copy, start a conversation around it. If you just share it maybe we’ve got a chance to spread the word.
I’ve put all my heart into this book, and I’m encouraging you to take a few minutes to check it out.
This book change my life, and it will change yours.