The Thomas Edison way

Thomas Edison is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all times, but he didn’t get there by just working hard–he had to push himself and focus on a project.
He had a method for that. What he would do is to talk about a project to the press, before he had even thought it through. Now he’d think: If I don’t make this happen I really screw it up. Because his reputation was on the hook. So he had to spend thousands of hours working super hard in order to figure out the thing he just made public. He burnt the boats: He had to come up with a solution of his reputation would be ruined.
The rest, as they say, is history.
Too often we don’t make projects because we’re too comfortable. We don’t push ourselves to achieve our greatest. Some people have the ability to push themselves without external triggers, but if you’re not one of those, put yourself on the hook. Talk about things, then make them happen.