One thing at a time

Multitasking doesn’t work. I don’t know why people insist in it—maybe it’s because it feels productive. But being busy is trap. The truth is that you can’t do more than one thing at a time, and that counts not just in terms of days, but in weeks or months.
If you’re pursuing any creative project, you need to focus and gain momentum. You have to avoid multitasking and focus on one project. It can be one week, or one full month.
This is something I’ve noticed after delivering several project. The first few days are slow, but if you truly focus, in a matter of days you’re into the project—you breath it. You hold the information in your head and everything happens faster. That’s when you’ve reached momentum.
There are two stoppers when it comes to this flow or momentum.
The first one is multitasking. We have clear data on this: doing more than one thing at a time breaks your productivity. And the funny thing is that getting back to the point where you were focus takes at least 20 minutes, every time you break the flow. So you can be the whole day grinding in, but in the end you’ll get nothing done.
The second stopper is handling several things at the same time. I don’t mean multitasking, but focusing on several projects in the same week or few days. What I’ve found is that it is better to put a project in hold and focus on one, than fooling around with two things at the same time.
For example, right now I have two big projects going on: my book and PrivateID. So what I’m doing is that I’m putting in hold PrivateID for a couple of weeks until I get this book done. Once the book is launched, then I’ll put my whole attention on it again.
Doing both things at the same time will slow you down. Focus, avoid multitasking, and gain momentum. Getting to that flow is the key.
As Derek Sivers would say, Don’t be a donkey.