What most people fail to understand

One of the most common mistakes while starting a business or non-profit or project in general is to not know who you need to make it work.
How many people of your target audience has to buy from you in order for you to be happy?
Let’s say you just need 200 people.
This is a big step. Now you know there’s only 200 people you care about.
So the key part here is: Which 200 people?
You only care about those 200 folks, no one else. If someone outside your list tells you they don’t like what you do, then it’s easier for you to reject them. It’s not for you. That’s powerful.
You can create Ferrari, instead of Nissan.
Nissan is not allow to say it’s not for you. Ferrari, on the other hand, when someone says their cars are to expensive, they can easily say: they’re not for you, you can buy a normal car for cheap. A Ferrari is not for you.
This is so critical and almost no one gets it. The point here is that you can choose what those 200 are like—you don’t have to serve non-believers. Just the people you care about.
Knowing exactly how many people you need in order to make it work is critical. Then if you just need 200 people (or any other number), you only have to put a name to each one.
So, let’s get practical:

  1. Put a number. Know exactly how many people you need in order to be happy.
  2. Put a name on each of them.
  3. Work your way up, now you’ve got a checklist with the names you need.
  4. Reject people who don’t fit in your description. Happily say: this is not for you. And walk away.