Drawing a line in the sand only works if…

… you don’t cross it.
There are times when you set a date for a goal, something you want to accomplish, and say “this time is for real, I’m going to do this”. However, most of the times, you miss it. We’ve all had. That’s when you draw a line in the sand and cross it anyway.
It’s like people who want to get fit in January, but in March don’t go to the gym anymore. It’s only those who set limits and don’t cross them who get fit in May.
Setting limits only work when you don’t cross them.
If you commit to something, like getting fit, you can’t just miss going to the gym. In this case, crossing the line would be to giving up on a diet, or just missing work outs.
If you commit, just commit. Stick with it.
What’s the thing you want to do? What’s thing you’re willing to draw a line in the sand and commit to achieve it?
What would be crossing that line? Set the limit. If you want it bad enough, just don’t cross it. Stick with it.