How can your work establish authority?

How do you pick books?
Usually you choose what to read next based on the authority of the author. You pick a book based on the author’s reputation in a particular field, or just because the author has establish credibility in other medium (with her podcast, YouTube channel, social media, you go down the list).
Sometimes you pick a book because the author has done an extensive research, or just because it’s a best-seller.
However, it gets interesting when you choose a book because the quality of the book. The book is so good, that you either read it and recommend it to others, or others are recommending it to you to read it right away. This is the best way to establish authority (and also the most difficult one).
When you’re in the dark, nobody knows you, so the only way you can establish authority is through the quality of your work. That’s your best chance—you can’t cheat on this one.
This is good news. It means that, regardless your reputation, you can work your way up if your work is good enough. So work. Work until someone discovers your work and can’t stop talking about it. Then, keep working.