Who is Borja Moya?

Borja MoyaEntrepreneur, marketer, eternal student. I make things and share what I learn.

About me:

I was born in Spain, where I studied marketing and started several projects. But as soon as I finished my degree and went to China and worked there for a year. After that I spent several months traveling through Southeast-Asia, and recently I finished another journey through South America.

So yeah, I like traveling, but now I’m planning to stay in Europe for a while (currently Madrid, Spain).

My philosophy

Unlike most marketers, I’m in the minority group of people who think that it’s not okay to spam people. I don’t believe it’s okay to buy cheap attention screaming look at me. I believe in the I see you approach, where you do things for people, not to them.

In a market where everybody buys data to “target and filter users” and big tech companies put people in a hamster wheel, there’s always a group of people that think that’s not okay. I’m one of those guys.

Before you leave…

In this site I also write book notes from the stuff I read–which is a way to keep me fit and give you suggestions of what to read next. But if you want to know every book I read, join my private newsletter.

To stay in touch, send me an email at hello@borjamoya.com and introduce yourself. I’d love to hear from you.

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