What they’re saying…

“Borja’s vision introduces a fresh look to a problem that’s been long awaiting to be solved: privacy. How resilient democracy will be tomorrow depends on how we, as a society, overcome the privacy challenges we face today.”

— Jose Alcántara, author of La sociedad de control & La neutralidad de la red.

“Borja’s ability to think outside the box when working on projects, combined with his inspiring determination to make every project a success really differentiates himself from others.”

— Michiel Das, Global Search Manager at SEAT, S.A.

“Indispensable, I repeat indispensable to follow Borja’s blog. Marketing 100% distilled, without impurities.

— Luis M García, Marketing Lecturer at King Juan Carlos University


Testimonials from my book

“Everybody hates advertising, but not those that work on it. How did we get to that point? Letting that brands and agencies burn any new medium without mercy. Borja wants to prevent YouTube from ending up like the TV: a silly box overexploited by marketers.”

— Iván Fanego, Branded Content & Social Media Strategist at ING. Creator at 2geeks1city & AppCritic

“The work Borja’s done is more than necessary to open the minds of many companies.”

— Juan Merodio, Blogger, Speaker & International Advisor

“Borja has vision, determination and passion—highly valued and scarce competences today.”

— Ana Reyes, Marketing and Neuromarketing lecturer at URJC

“In the face of new forms of content consumption, why do we bother to tease the movie with intrusive ads? In this book, Borja takes a first step by defining new forms of collaboration between brands and content creators.”

— Tamara Lucas, Senior Manager at The Conversationalist Agency & Founder of 2geeks1city.com